On-time and on-budget

Since 2003, our unique approach toward development has resulted in smart growth and distinctive communities. Using diverse skills and open stream communication, our construction team delivers beautiful, functional residential spaces— on time and on budget.


Our Process

Before the RISE team launches the build phase, our construction team focuses on the critical details of the project, including: 

  • Scheduling
  • Design
  • Material Specifications 
  • Review and Analysis of the Project

Leveraging top-of-the-line technology and information systems, our construction team members work with your team to ensure open communication and accountability to provide quality and accuracy.

Construction That Serves Communities

From the initial build to applying the finishing touches, our diverse team uses their varied experience to ensure that the construction process goes smoothly every step of the way. Working to build affordable housing in Dallas, TX, and beyond, RISE Residential has been ranked in the top ten of the Affordable Housing Finance Magazine’s “Top 50 Housing Developers” for the last four years. We’re dedicated to strengthening communities through affordable housing projects that create growth. 

Every project our construction team takes on is part of the legacy of beautiful, functional residential spaces across Texas and beyond.


17+ Years of Construction Excellence

For over 17 years, our construction experts have transformed creative vision into reality. With over 60 Realized Projects across more than 20 cities in 5 states, we strategically create innovative designs that benefit communities. 

RISE Residential is synonymous with unsurpassed quality in construction, and we proudly carry a tradition of excellence that is evident in our work.

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